" Caution ! ! ! "

When I listed the Korean unofficial records on discogs, I listed them with a detailed explanation about the condition of them.

But discogs staffs didn't understand regarding the Korean unofficial records, so they removed them from the discogs marketplace.

Therefore, when I list Korean unofficial records on discogs these days, I list them without a detailed explanation about them.

Please read "Notice" below with care.



" Notice "

About the Korean unofficial records (bootleg, pirate record etc).

  Please read carefully before you buy the Korean unofficial records.

  They were made by unknown and small factory, so they usually are crude and rough.

  The manufacturing technology of them is inferior to that of official records(licensed records).

  So if you want to buy them, I recommend you to buy them for your collection purpose rather than for your listening purpose.


  Most of them have been blocked from sale on Discogs. So if you want to see all of them including blocked items, please visit my eBay store

  And if you want to search more unofficial records(pirate records), you can see them after you enter the keyword "bootleg" in the search bar at the top of my eBay store

   (If you see the "Include description" checkbox in the upper right side of my eBay store, please search them after you mark on the checkbox).


  - Sleeve Condition

     The print quality, material quality of them are usually unsatisfactory compared with the official records(licensed records).

  - Record Condition

     They are crude and rough. From when they were made at first, there might be noises, scratches, small dimples and small bumps, etc 

     caused by an error of the record manufacturing process(the lack of manufacturing technology). Furthermore, some of them have skipping, jumping, etc.

     Please consider carefully when you buy the Korean unofficial records. And some of them might be not suitable for listening (for your collection only).

       1. High Quality

            This is similar to the official(licensed) record or is a little deficient compared with the official(licensed) record.

       2. Medium Quality

            This is in good condition compared with "Low Quality" below.

            But there might be a few skips, jumps, etc caused by an error of the record manufacturing process (the lack of manufacturing technology).

       3. Low Quality (not suitable for listening, only for your collection ! ! !)

            This might have background noise, crackling sound, tick noise, etc or scratches, small dimples, small bumps, etc.

            caused by an error of the record manufacturing process (the lack of manufacturing technology).

            And there might be skips, jumps, tonearm lateral(left-right) movement, etc because of the error.


If there are many skips during playback, you need to clean these records minutely. Or if there are a few skips during playback, refer to ways to fix skip on YouTube.

However, if there are skips after cleaning or if fixing is impossible, the reason is because of an error of the record manufacturing process.


Even though you buy a sealed record, I can't guarantee the sound quality of it.

If you want to buy these Korean unofficial records, please keep in mind what I mentioned.

Return Policy  :  "No returns accepted".  I don't accept the return of the Korean unofficial records for these reasons.



" Notice "
   About the check(listening) of this record.

      I have heard part of this record to check the sleeve, record condition of this record. But I haven't heard the whole of this record because of constraints of time.
      So I recommend this record for your collection purpose only (not 'listening to music' purpose).
      Because there might be skips, etc caused by the error of the record manufacturing process (the lack of manufacturing technology).